Week 10 - Forum

TOPIC 1: YOUR BEST PHOTOJOURNALISM -- Consider the photos you posted on your blog this term:

  1. What was the best photo you took this term?
  2. Why did that photo stand out?
    I think the way I took the picture with the chain link in the frame instead of shooting through it and because I found a way to get the ball, the pitcher, the batter and umpire, as well as the player practicing his swing.
  3. How does it reflect what you learned in Photojournalism?
    I was able to get the ball and pitcher in the picture and it seemed like a unique shot.
  4. What has changed in your ability or approach to taking and presenting photos? I have started taking more of a variety of overall, medium, and close and changing the pictures display of horizontal and vertical.
TOPIC 2: YOUR GOALS -- Go back to the Forum for Week 1 and you'll find your response to this prompt: GOALS -- Now that you've committed to taking Photojournalism this term, what are your THREE goals for this class? (In addition to earning a good grade!)

Week 1 response:
I am hoping to pass the class, and have better knowledge and skill in photography, as well as captioning photos. I also hope to receive more practice on navigating through the other photo websites and also social media filters/editing.

Week 10 response: 
When it comes to knowledge and skill in photography, I still have more to work on. But this term I was able to experiment with the ISO and aperture in order to help get a more clear shot. I realized that my five word captions were not enough and part way through I was able to fix that by adding additional information about what happened on that specific day, where it was and who was involved. After looking at Addario's online pictures and Wiggin's website, it was crazy to hear how much time they dedicate to their job of taking pictures, as well as how much money is wrapped into photography. When I normally crop my pictures, I would keep them in a square format. But after taking this class, I was able to crop my pictures differently and in a more unique way of formatting, which is vertical or horizontal.


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