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Week 10 - Forum

TOPIC 1: YOUR BEST PHOTOJOURNALISM -- Consider the photos you posted on your blog this term:
What was the best photo you took this term? Why did that photo stand out? I think the way I took the picture with the chain link in the frame instead of shooting through it and because I found a way to get the ball, the pitcher, the batter and umpire, as well as the player practicing his swing. How does it reflect what you learned in Photojournalism? I was able to get the ball and pitcher in the picture and it seemed like a unique shot. What has changed in your ability or approach to taking and presenting photos? I have started taking more of a variety of overall, medium, and close and changing the pictures display of horizontal and vertical. TOPIC 2: YOUR GOALS -- Go back to the Forum for Week 1 and you'll find your response to this prompt: GOALS -- Now that you've committed to taking Photojournalism this term, what are your THREE goals for this class? (In addition to earn…

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